Iron Staircase Railings Sacramento

Iron Staircase Railings Sacramento

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Stairs are something you will find in almost any Sacramento, CA home or business. Whether it is a step or two up to a front porch on a home, a short flight of stairs up to a balcony or patio, or a full staircase in a 2 or 3-story home, many homes in this hilly area have staircases, which means that Sacramento, CA homeowners are making decisions every day about what kind of staircase railing they want. The same is true for businesses, with the added fact that businesses are required to make sure that their staircase railings meet all pertinent codes and are ADA compliant. Therefore it is no wonder that so many Sacramento, CA homeowners and business owners choose Linmoore Fencing for their staircase railing design and installation. We offer staircase railings of the highest quality materials, with expert installation and the best craftsmanship in the area. If you are looking for staircase railings with the most reliable quality and the best artistic design, Linmoore Fencing is the place for you!

What are the benefits of iron railings?

Staircase railings are often the only thing between you and a freefall downstairs. Even if you are physically strong and have good balance, and never use stair railings when you walk up and down stairs, it is always a good idea to have something to grab on to in case you do lose your balance or trip, as happens even to the best of us. In addition, at some point you are practically guaranteed to have someone visit your home who actually needs the staircase railing to be able to navigate your stairs with safety, and at that time you do not want them to risk injuring themselves. In a business, staircase railings are required for the safety of you, your employees, and your clients or customers.

So what staircases need iron railings?

Stairs that have 4 risers or more (the flat part between stairs; this can also be an open space depending on your particular staircase design) must have a staircase railing, as you are likely to injure yourself if you fall down that many stairs or down that distance. Even if your staircase has walls on both sides, you need a staircase railing, as it is not easy to catch yourself on a wall to keep yourself from falling down the stairs.

Iron staircase railings from Linmoore Fencing are the best choice for your home or business for several reasons.

First, they are extremely durable and will not become wobbly as wooden staircase railings are apt to do. Second, they are artistically beautiful and will complement any décor. If you are looking for a custom look for your wrought iron railings, our expert designers and craftsmen at Linmoore Fencing can provide this for you at an affordable price, and with an artistic beauty that you will not find from other staircase railing providers.