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Remote Entry Gates Sacramento

We specialize in all styles and designs of remote entry gates and keypad gates in Sacramento

Remote entry gates are some of our most popular products at Linmoore Fencing. They are extremely convenient, allowing you to get into your driveway gate or entry gate without ever having to get out of your car or even roll your window down. They function almost exactly like remote entry garage doors – you have a remote control in your car and usually another in your home, and you push the button to open the gate. Our Linmoore Fencing Remote Entry Gates can be programmed with a varying length of time that they stay open, which lets you take into account the size of your car and the speed that you like to drive, and to make sure that the gate will not accidentally begin closing when your car is still going through the gate.

Our Remote Entry Gates come with many safety options, such as motion sensors and pressure sensors

In addition, remote entry gates from Linmoore Fencing come with many safety options, such as motion sensors and pressure sensors that will prevent the gate from closing when a person, pet, car, or anything else is in the way and might be injured. For Sacramento, CA residents who have children and pets, this provides great peace of mind knowing that those dearest to them will be safe and sound, and will not be hurt by their remote entry driveway gates.

Many of our Sacramento, CA customers at Linmoore Fencing choose to combine their remote entry gates with a touchpad entry system for greater convenience and security. This is because the only drawback to the remote entry gates from Linmoore Fencing is that the remote entry controller for your car is battery-powered, and batteries eventually run out of power. One solution is to keep extra batteries in your car just in case. A better solution is to have a keypad entry system on your gate, so that at any time you can input the passcode and gain access, whether your remote control is working or not, or whether you even have the remote control with you or not. If you are out for a bike ride or on a walk, for instance, it is much more convenient to type in a passcode than to get your remote entry device out of your car and bring it with you. However, we note that we typically recommend that they keypad entry system be used in conjunction with remote entry gates for residential use, rather than instead of remote entry gates, because many of our clients at Linmoore Fencing also enjoy the convenience of the remote entry gate, with advantages such as not having to roll your window down in the rain or cold to input a passcode.

For commercial and business needs, we offer remote entry gate alternatives such as motion detection, so that the gate opens automatically when a car approaches within a certain distance. Please call us today to discuss your remote entry gate needs and all our possible options.