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Iron Handrail Sacramento

Linmoore Fencing specializes in Custom Iron Hand Railings and commercial iron Hand Railings

If you have indoor or outdoor stairs at your Sacramento, CA home or business, you know how important a good handrail can be. A well-built, well-designed handrail is the right height, not too tall and not too short, and will always be sturdy and not wobble when someone puts some weight on it. When choosing a handrail, you usually have two choices: wood handrails or iron handrails. Wooden handrails are less expensive upfront than iron handrails, which means that they are often used in new home construction as standard features that come with the house unless you specifically ask to have them upgraded. Unfortunately, wooden handrails tend to become less sturdy over time, especially in an environment with cycles of humidity and dryness, or with a variable temperature. These factors all cause wood to shrink or expand, which can cause the wooden rail pegs to not fit so well in their holes. Therefore they begin to move slightly, and eventually they begin to wobble. You can fill them in with wood glue, but ultimately wooden rails do not last as long as iron rails, and are simply not as sturdy.

The best choice for any home or business, if quality is of the essence, is a good iron handrail.

If you get a good iron handrail from Linmoore Fencing, you will be guaranteed the best quality with the best workmanship in the Sacramento, CA area. You will be able to use your iron handrail with confidence for the lifetime of your home or business without having to worry about it getting weak with age, and if you, your family members, your guests, or your clients or customers at your business need to lean on the handrail to be able to climb the stairs, this will never be a dangerous proposition. In short, when it comes to a long-term choice for your home or business, there is no debate: an iron handrail from Linmoore Fencing is the obvious choice.

At Linmoore Fencing, we offer a variety of different design options for any architectural style or decorative style.

If you like a Spanish colonial style, we have gorgeous choices with different designs of intricate curls and shapes. We also have designs for geometric shapes, whether you’re looking for a sleek, modern look, an intricate, old-fashioned look, or something whimsical or quirky. Of course, a plain, simple look with minimally-decorated rails is always classic for an iron handrail, and we offer a wide selection of such elegant designs. This look is beautiful for any architecture or design whatsoever, and will always be pleasing to look at. If you want a custom, one-of-a-kind design for your wrought iron handrail, our team of expert designers and craftsmen can work with you to make your vision a reality. Whether you’re looking for an iron handrail for a stair, a balcony railing, or any other kind of iron handrail for your Sacramento, CA home or business, we have what you are looking for at Linmoore Fencing.