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Iron Gates Sacramento

We specialize in driveway gates, courtyard gates as well as custom remote entry gates

Linmoore Fencing is one of the premier providers of iron gates in the Sacramento, CA area. Why would you want iron gates on your Sacramento, CA home or business? Well, iron gates and iron fences are a useful and beautiful way to set your home apart from your neighbors, give yourself some security and privacy, and add a certain elegant touch to the home. What sort of iron gates does Linmoore Fencing provide?
•Garden Gates
•Courtyard Gates
•Driveway Gates
•Gate Openers
•Remote Entry Gates

We offer the highest quality in all sorts of wrought iron gates, including swing gates, slide gates, and lift gates.
•Swing gates are iron gates that swing open, and are classic and elegant. They require the most room of all the gates, but give the most impressive look. Slide gates are iron gates that slide open, instead of swinging. They require a lot less room than swing gates, and many of our customers find them to be very convenient.
•Lift gates are the most space-efficient of all our iron gates. They are perfect for clients who do not even have enough room for sliding iron gates, but who want the elegance and impressive appearance of wrought iron gates, as well as the increased security that comes from knowing that you can lock your gate and keep out all intruders.

Wrought Iron Gates Sacramento

We provide a varity of security and safty features on all Gates

If you want safety features on your iron gates from Linmoore Fencing, we can provide many safety features. For your own convenience, we offer a remote entry gate, which allows you to open your gate on a remote control system. You can also choose a numerical keypad for your iron gates, which will allow you or your guests to input a numerical code in order to gain access. Many of our Sacramento, CA clients at Linmoore Fencing choose a combination of these two options, so that they can give the code out to any guests who might be coming to their house, but also including the remote access component so that they can get in and out of their iron gates without having to roll their window down in the rain or cold.

Iron gates from Linmoore Fencing are the perfect complement to an iron fence.

If you are looking for a great fencing option that combines elegance, durability, and security, then a Linmoore Fencing iron fence is the choice for you! We offer custom iron fencing designs, so that you can have a one of a kind fence and iron gate that will be the envy of your Sacramento, CA neighbors. We also offer many pre-made designs for you to choose from, if you are not a designer yourself but want a beautiful designer look for your wrought iron fence and wrought iron gates. Our expert designers and craftsmen can help you find the perfect look for your iron fence and iron gates, which will complement your landscape and match the architecture of your house, as well as give you the exact look you want. Call us today for an estimate!