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Interior Iron Railings Sacramento

Whether you are looking for staircase railings, hand railings or balcony railings, we have you covered!

When people think of fencing from Linmoore Fencing, they do not often immediately think about interior iron railings, but this is actually a specialty of ours and something that we do very often for our clients. There are many different uses for interior iron railings. If you have a stairway in your home, you need a bannister to keep yourself and your family safe on the stairs. Iron railings on this bannister are a beautiful decorative element, adding both stability and sophistication to your stairway. We offer many design options for your iron staircase railing, as well as working with custom designs. If you have a particular idea about how you want your dream home to look, talk to our design experts and we will make it happen for you.

Another use for interior iron railings is for second floor railings overlooking an open-ceiling area below.

This is an architectural element which is not seen much in older houses, but which is very popular in newer houses. In many two-story homes, the second story only extends over part of the house. In another section, there is a massively high ceiling extending practically to the roof, and a little balcony on the second floor overlooks this area. An interior iron railing is perfect for this kind of area, as it is already something of an architectural focal point, and is meant to be noticed. If you therefore put a custom wrought iron design on this balcony, you will be making use of a built-in architectural element to add even more beauty to your home. Some designs that our customers have chosen for an interior balcony of this sort have been monogram-inspired designs, floral-inspired designs, geometric shapes, and ornate Old World designs with intricate curves and curlicues. This is the perfect place to showcase a custom design that would not fit on a staircase. Repeating a custom design from a front door or from the front gates of the home is another great way to unify the decorative style of the home.

Interior iron railings do not necessarily have to keep anyone from falling from high places, though, nor do you have to have a two-story home to be able to benefit from interior iron railings from Linmoore Fencing. Interior iron railings can be used to separate two rooms but still leave air flow and visual unity. For instance, a kitchen can be separated from a dining room or a dining room from a living room with an interior iron railing which only extends part of the way across the space, breaking up the two rooms without the heaviness of a full wall. Again, as this is a visual focal point, this is an ideal place for some custom design work, showcasing your one-of-a-kind style and taste, creating a conversation piece, or uniting your home’s design.