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Trust Linmoore Fencing to install a custom gate opener or operator for your property

When choosing a driveway gate, courtyard gate, garden gate, or any other kind of entry gate from Linmoore Fencing, customers often have questions about the gate openers they can get. What kinds of gate openers are available, and what are the pros and cons to each? We are here to answer those questions and help you make an informed decision about what kind of gate opener will be best for you at your Sacramento, CA home.

One of our most popular kinds of gate openers is a remote gate opener for your iron entry gate.

These gate openers function similarly to garage door openers. You have a remote control in your vehicle, and often another remote control in your home so that you can open the gate from indoors as well to let someone else in. You simply push the button and the unique remote control signal from your remote gate opener will open your driveway gate. Remote gate openers are battery-powered and often use standard AA batteries, making them easy and convenient to keep constantly powered up. The great benefit of remote gate openers is that you do not have to roll your window down or get out of your car to open your gate. You can also push your remote gate opener button several feet away from your gate as you are driving up, so that when your car reaches the gate it is already opened and you can just roll in without even having to stop.

Of course, one of the drawbacks of remote gate openers is therefore what happens when your remote gate opener runs out of battery: you might end up stuck outside your home without a way to get in your gate! Many of our customers therefore choose to add on a keypad entry to prevent themselves from being stuck. It also works well if you just keep a couple of extra batteries in your car as a safety measure.

Another drawback to remote gate openers is that guests cannot get in without one of your remotes, or without you pushing the button for them. This is another difficulty that is easily solved by adding on a keypad entry. Just give the key code to your guests, your landscaper, your contractor, or anyone else who will need to get in the gate, especially when you are away, and you will not have to worry about being around to let people in. You can also change the key code to your keypad entry to ensure your security and make sure that not just anybody can get in.

Another popular kind of gate opener available at Linmoore Fencing is the keypad entry gate.

It has the benefit of letting you in if your remote entry device has run out of battery, and letting you give the code to anyone else who might need in. It has the disadvantage of needing you to roll down your window to enter the code, which can be inconvenient and unpleasant in the rain or cold, which is why many of our customers use it in combination with the remote gate entry method.