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Iron Garden Gates Sacramento

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At Linmoore Fencing, outdoor fences and gates are our specialty, and we offer the very best quality materials and most spectacular artisanry in the Sacramento, CA area. A good iron fence is important for the safety and protection of your Sacramento, CA home, yard, and garden, as it keeps out strangers, stray animals, and even neighborhood dogs being taken on walks. There is nothing more annoying than finding a “present” left behind by an inconsiderate dog owner on your lawn, and a beautiful iron fence from Linmoore Fencing can easily prevent you from ever having that inconvenience ever again. Nor are these unattractive wooden privacy fences that look unfriendly at best and quickly degenerate to looking downright ugly: a wrought iron fence is always artistic looking, aesthetically pleasing and tasteful. With an iron fence from Linmoore Fencing, you can be assured of a fence that will add to the beauty of your home, rather than detracting from it, and will make your home look impressive and sophisticated rather than unfriendly. This also creates a safe place for children and pets to play outdoors without worrying about them wandering into the street.

At Linmoore Fencing, we have many iron garden gate options to suit any architectural, landscaping, or decorative style or theme, from sleek and sophisticated to intricate and elegant. We also have many security options for our garden gates.

And if you have an iron fence around your yard, you will naturally need iron garden gates to allow for you, your family members, and your guests to walk into your yard, up your sidewalk, and to your home. If you want your garden gates to lock and to only allow specific people in, we have many locking options, from key locks to electronic keypad locks. If you do not want a locking mechanism, but want your garden gate to be adults-only, we can also provide child safe latch options for your iron garden gates, so that you can allow children to play outdoors in your Sacramento, CA yard or garden without worrying that they will open the gate and wander away. Finally, if you do not care about having a child safe latch, and instead want your garden gate latch to be easy to open so that someone with arthritis can easily get out and go for a walk, or guests of all ages can come to your home without needing to worry about unlatching your iron garden gate, we can provide gates with this option as well. In short, whatever your needs are for your Sacramento, CA garden gates, we can work with your requirements and provide you with the iron fence and garden gates of your dreams.

Artistically, your garden gates are important for the style and artistry of your Sacramento home.

For anyone who walks up your sidewalk, your garden gate is something they are going to see up close and certainly notice as they open it. Therefore it is essential that your garden gate be beautiful as well as functional.