iron courtyard gates sacramento

Iron Courtyard Gates Sacramento

We specialize in custom Wrought Iron Courtyard Gates for commercial and residential properties in Sacramento

Many residents in Sacramento, CA call us about our stunning courtyard gates, wanting the same gorgeous appearance they see their neighbors having for themselves. Our courtyard gates are works of art, with elegant wrought iron designs created to complement and enhance your existing architecture and landscaping. At Linmoore Fencing, we will work with you to create a custom design for your wrought iron courtyard gates.

What are courtyard gates?

Courtyard gates are wrought iron entry gates just like garden gates and driveway gates, but instead of fencing in a yard they fence in a courtyard. With courtyard gates from Linmoore Fencing, you will be assured of the highest quality courtyard gates for your Sacramento, CA home and garden.

A courtyard is typically defined as an “outdoor room.” It is a garden that has walls around it, or more conventionally, has parts of the house or other buildings surrounding it. Courtyards are very popular in Mediterranean architecture, where the mild weather makes outdoor living a reality for much of the year. In harsher climates, courtyards are also useful because they protect delicate plants from winter winds that can drive the wind chill temperatures down. In Sacramento, CA, courtyards are something of a status symbol, indicating that you have a house big enough to have a courtyard. Obviously, a small house will not have enough room to surround a courtyard with three or four walls, which makes a courtyard something you should be proud of having and show off if you do have one.

What purpose does an iron courtyard gate serve?

Courtyards in houses are almost as old as houses themselves, and the oldest courtyards in individual buildings that we still know of date back to 3,000 BC in China. Courtyards have always provided a way for residents of the building to enjoy the out of doors in privacy, while not having to worry about any dangers outside or meeting strangers. In history, it was common for the purpose of the courtyard to change throughout the year, as different activities would take place indoors and outdoors based on the weather. In modern life, a courtyard is often a place to drive up to the house, and also may have a garden, an outdoor fire pit, a fountain, or even a pool. The only place to peep into the courtyard is by way of the courtyard gate, which is the entry way and therefore very important to the appearance of the courtyard.

A custom wrought iron courtyard gate from Linmoore Fencing is the ideal way to show off your courtyard to its best effect. It provides a beautiful frame for your courtyard, keeps out intruders and strangers, and does it all with the utmost in style and artistry. When guests come to your Sacramento, CA home, your courtyard gate will be the first thing they see, and they will see it up close as they will have to drive through it to get in. Therefore it is important to choose courtyard gates that are made with the finest craftsmanship and in the best design possible.