commercial security fence sacramento

Commercial Security Fence Sacramento

We specialize in custom chain link fence designs as well as commercial wrought iron security fence applications

At Linmoore Fencing, we often help local business with their commercial fence needs, and commitment to local business is one of our hallmarks. Our commercial fences come equipped with many security features and are designed to keep out intruders so that you can go home in the evening with peace of mind knowing that your valuable equipment and inventory will still be there safely when you return the next business day. We can provide security cameras, alarms, and many other options for your security needs for your commercial fence.

How are commercial fences different from residential fences?

First, they tend to be much taller than residential fences and are built with anti-intrusion features that many homeowners do not want on their residential fences for practical and aesthetic reasons. For example, many of our commercial fence clients choose to have the top of their fences bend out at an angle, so that if anyone did manage to climb the fence they would not be able to get over the top. This is a function that is extremely useful when your primary goal is to prevent intrusion, but it is easy to see why home owners do not choose it as often for residential fences.

Several of the commercial fences we have done for Sacramento, CA clients have included a thick concrete wall at the base.

This adds both stability and privacy, and may be something you want to consider for your own commercial fence at your Sacramento, CA facility. Other features we have done include metal mesh to prevent even small animals from slipping between the bars of your fence and into your place of business. This option is especially attractive for business such as food production and packaging, as the presence of any sort of vermin is going to be profoundly harmful for such a business.

We offer a variety of entry options for your commercial fences at Linmoore Fencing.

For businesses which require a business ID or some sort of security clearance, we offer magnetic key entries, so that employees can swipe their badge to get into the facility. You may also want to consider a keypad entry, so that employees or visitors simply need to type in a key code to be able to enter the area.

Of course, not all businesses in the Sacramento, CA area need to be only open to employees; on the contrary! Many of our clients need their own customers to be able to enter the premises easily, but want to be able to lock up equally easily when business is over. One excellent option for these sorts of business is a simple motion-detector gate for their commercial fence. This type of gate will open every time it sees a car in front of it, with no security clearance necessary. When it is time to go home in the evening, simply turn off the motion detector gate and it will remain closed and locked.

We offer even more options than these for your commercial fence. Contact us today so we can go over your requirements and get you the commercial fence you need!