Wrought Iron Repair Restores Beauty

Wrought Iron Repair Restores Beauty, Value to Iron Investment

Homeowners in Sacramento, CA know the value of wrought iron. Driving through the city, you can see many examples of iron fences, iron gates, and iron railings. Wrought iron is an investment that lasts a lifetime. The strength of wrought iron allows it to hold enormous amounts of weight and withstand great force even when it is shaped into delicate spirals and lacy motifs. However, misfortunes do occasionally happen: a passing car may spiral out of control and damage your wrought iron fence, or an earthquake may somehow cause an iron gate or iron railing to become displaced or bent. We specialize in all types of wrought iron repair, so fortunately, you are not stuck with damaged wrought iron for the rest of your life.

We specialize in all types of Iron Repair

The craftsmen and wrought iron experts at Iron Sacramento can take care of your iron repair needs for you. We can re-set and rebalance your wrought iron gate or iron fence, and we can repair any dents or bends that may have occurred in your iron fence, iron gate, or iron railing. Even if your wrought iron gate or iron fence was not created or installed by us, we are happy to fix any wrought iron repairs you may need. While you are having your wrought iron repaired, you may decide that you wish to have some custom wrought iron designs created and installed; we are happy to accommodate those needs as well. For a photo gallery of our work, and to receive a price estimate, please visit Linmoore Fencing today.

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