Ornamental Gates and Iron courtyard gates

Iron courtyard gates

If you are lucky enough to have a home in the Sacramento, CA area that has a courtyard, then you should know that it is not really complete until you have a stunning pair of iron courtyard gates to finish it off and to make sure that only invited guests and people who are welcome come in.


Iron courtyard gates are not only ornamental; they also serve an important purpose, increasing security in your home and helping to keep you safe. But these are not simply functional iron gates, like you might find on a business; wrought iron gates from Linmoore Fencing are also beautiful, causing your neighbors to envy you and your guests to admire you.

At Linmoore Fencing, we offer custom iron courtyard gates in a wide variety of styles and designs, each of which will be tailored to your own personal needs and tastes. You can look at our photo gallery for inspiration and to see other beautiful gates we have made for our satisfied customers. Or if you already have a design in mind, our team of expert designers will be happy to work with you to bring your own unique design and creation to life. Wrought iron is a very special material because it is so strong and yet so malleable, so you can create intricate curls and shapes of the thinnest lines, all without compromising the structural integrity and strength of your courtyard gate. Believe us: the most beautiful courtyard gate in the world will be just as effective at keeping out intruders as the most industrial one.

If you are looking for an ornamental iron gate in the Sacramento, CA area, you have definitely come to the right place at Linmoore Fencing!

Ornamental Iron Gate

Ornamental Iron Gate Sacramento

We offer custom wrought iron designs for any purpose you might need, from gates and fences to balcony railings and handrails. The benefits of getting an ornamental iron gate are numerous.
•First, you will be able to protect your property and keep any unwanted intruders out, as well as keeping your yard free from stray animals and even from the annoyance of neighborhood dogs out on walks who like to leave “presents” behind. It is so much easier to keep your yard and garden pristine with an iron fence and an iron gate than without, that you will soon not know how you used to do without it!
•Second, your ornamental iron gate from Linmoore Fencing will be a beautiful piece of art, bringing you joy and pleasure every time you look at it, as well as impressing your guests and your neighbors.

At Linmoore Fencing, we offer a wide range of designs for ornamental iron gates, and we also provide custom gate services if you have a favorite design in mind. Give us a call today and let our team of expert designers and craftsmen help you to bring your dreams to life!

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